Ingenieros: Cleber Delfino (Emicol), Federico Insausti (Alladio), Juan Rinaldi (Alladio) y Jefferson Silva (Emicol)
Alladio & Emicol Workshop in Brazil Plant
18 de April de 2018

Emicol President does a presentation about Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Facens


Peter Willi Friedrich, Emicol President

How a Company, leadership in you segment, can be innovative in your development and production of solutions in controls and components electromecanicos and electronics, after 50 years of existence? And, how the ideals stay present after all this time?

That’s what the Company President, Peter Willi Friedrich, showed in the 25ª Week of Engineering, Architecture and Technology of Facens, at Engineering College of Sorocaba, April 20 th: “ The Emicol history and the way the ideals if presents after 50 years”.

He sent a message the Facens students, about Entrepreneurship and Leadership:

“Entrepreneur is who makes. It’s the one who devotes himself, because without effort, don’t exist result. And Leader entrepreneur it that have disposition to assume risks and don’t have fear of making a mistake.”

Formed in Computation Engineer at Unicamp, 1994, beginning your carrier in TI area, at Emicol Eletro Eletrônica, after certification in Six Sigma Black Belt. Was the responsible for automation industrial area and between 2003 and 2011 occupied management positions in Company Seva Engenharia Eletrônica S.A.. Starting in 2011 became President and participant de Emicol Administrative Council.

The 25ª Week of Engineering, Architecture and Technology was held on the campus of one most renowned Engineering colleges in the country, at the same time an exhibition of products from companies in the region. There were more than 150 lectures, mini courses and workshops, for to Facens students as well to the community interested in technology and innovation as instruments of the future of engineering and architecture.


Emicol is a Brazilian company that operates in the development, production and sales of solutions in controls, electromechanical and electronic components, plastic injection, over molding and stamped parts for home appliances, automotive and others segments. It has production units in Brazil and Mexico, and exports to more than 30 countries and is 50 years old.

The Company’s industrial park, in the city of Itu (100 km from SP), has about 30,000 m² of manufacturing area, where extensive and varied range of items are manufactured in more than a hundred production cells, possibility the Emicol to offer solutions each more completes for your customers, factor that sets you apart from most of your competitors.


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