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3 de May de 2018

New Electronic Control for Ice Machine

Máquina de Gelo Everest
New version of electronic board is more robust with SMD components


Electronic Control for Ice Machine

A new version of electronic control for ice machine, more robust, modern e compact, with SMD components (surface mounted devices), was launched by Emicol Eletro Eletrônica. The board electronic project was developed with Everest Refrigeração, from Rio de Janeiro, the largest manufacturer of ice machine in Latin America and leadership in Brazilian market, with more than 40 years of market.

Mandatory equipment in bars, restaurants and hotels Everest ice machines ensure manufacture of ice for the comfort of clients. And, like these ice machines are often installed in hot, humid places and with high demand, the Emicol has released this version of electronic board, more robust, modern and compact with the SMD components.

Another important point is that the old board used many older components PTH (pin through hole) electronics, which were becoming obsolete in the market. The SMD components are more precise and smalls, allowing a reduction of the size of the electronic board.

The electronic control is the “brain” of the EGC line and controls the hot gas valve, water and the drive motor and ice detection. This control also has inputs that detect when the ice is ready to use, water level, and ice bin position.

According to the Business Development Director, Feres Macul Neto, Emicol has been able to develop a more robust and precise electronic board to attend Everest Refrigeration.

“The product was made for the customer according to their needs. Emicol heard what the customer needed and produced a solution with the speed and reliability required to successfully launch the customer, “said Feres.

About Emicol

Emicol is a Brazilian company that works in the development, production and sale of solutions in thermostats and digital electronic controllers, electropumps for drainage, solenoid valves, level sensors and electronic plates for washing machines. It has production units in Brazil and Mexico, exports products to more than 30 countries and serves customers such as Mabe, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Alladio, Indurama, Haceb, Challenger, among others.

The company’s industrial park, in the city of Itu (100 km from São Paulo), has about 30,000 m² of manufacturing area, where extensive and varied range of items are manufactured in more than a hundred production cells, enabling Emicol to offer solutions increasingly your customers, a factor that sets you apart from most of your competitors.


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