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7 de May de 2018
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More than 100 Dufrio’s Sales Assistant participate in an Emicol Technical Presentation
22 de June de 2018

Michelin buys Brazilian Automotive Engineering Company from JPH/Emicol



Always expecting the expansion and growth of the businesses where it operates, the JPH (Emicol’s family holding company) has completed the sale of your majority stake in Seva Engenharia Eletrônica (specialized in automotive technology focused on telemetry systems, fleet management and manufacturing of electronics devices) for the french multinational group Michelin, through one of yours Brazilian subsidiaries, Sascar.

The business objective was to leverage Seva’s enormous potential, in technical and commercial and enable it to become a global supplier of the Michelin group, which today imports from Europe and the United States components similar to those Seva produces today.

Undertake and innovate being ahead of your time, supporting and investing in innovative initiatives and with excellent prospects of future growth, is always a focus of JPH / Emicol.

This is was what made believe in the Seva potential, where since 2003, with your administrative competence and industrial knowledge (through Emicol), helped in their development of your business making your sales and market share multiply numerous times, including having been pointed out by the Exame Magazine as one of the fastest growing PME in the country, for six consecutive years.

The success story with Seva also encouraged the introduction of the JPH / Emicol group to other markets, such as Precision Livestock through the Intergado Company (which provides high technology tools for the agricultural and livestock industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the country due in your proven global competitiveness) and the Medical Diagnostics market through Mediconchip (which operates in a high technology sector and growth prospects, providing solutions that are truly at the frontier of human knowledge).


Emicol is a Brazilian company that operates in the development, production and sales of solutions in controls, electromechanical and electronic components, plastic injection, over molding and stamped parts for home appliances, automotive and others segments. It has production units in Brazil and Mexico, and exports to more than 30 countries and is 50 years old.

The Company’s industrial park, in the city of Itu (100 km from SP), has about 30,000 m² of manufacturing area, where extensive and varied range of items are manufactured in more than a hundred production cells, possibility the Emicol to offer solutions each more completes for your customers, factor that sets you apart from most of your competitors.


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